Check the price of the Chevrolet Equinox

Check the price of the Chevrolet Equinox

GM’s main launch in Brazil this year, Equinox will arrive at the Chevrolet dealerships on October 20 with a list starting at R $ 149,900. Today the brand begins to accept orders for the sports utility made in Mexico. The model will initially come in the top version, Premier, with 2.0 turbo petrol engine of 262 hp and 37 kgfm. The gearbox is a nine-speed automatic, unprecedented in the line. The traction is on all four wheels. Revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in January, Equinox’s third generation, which has become a global product, brings the brand’s new visual identity. These lines are already present in cars like Cruze, with which the utility shares the platform. The front has gained headlights with LED lights for daytime use and the version sold in Brazil has 19-inch alloy wheels.


Positioned between Tracker and Trailblazer, the Equinox stands out from the wide list of standard items. The Premier version will also be the top of other models of the brand in the country. Among the highlights, the seats are covered with perforated leather and have double seams. The dashboard, like other parts of the cab, is soft-touch. There is a sensor that warns the driver in case of forgetting objects or people (children, for example) in the backseat. The new MyLink multimedia system has an eight-inch touch screen. The device is compatible with platforms5 Andoid Auto and Apple Carplay. There is also the service Onze conciege, already offered in other Chevrolets sold in Brazil. The driver’s seat has electrical adjustments and two memories and the sound system is Bose brand. The four-zone air conditioning has exclusive exits for the occupants from the rear and there is still panoramic sunroof. Automatic emergency braking, collision risk and blind spot alerts, assistant in the lane and also parking maneuvers come from the factory. The lid of the trunk is electrically operated and can be opened by means of a motion sensor. Compared to the previous generation, the new Equinox is about 180 kg lighter. According to information from GM, this contributes to improve the dynamic behavior of the car. The 2018 Cobalt line is coming to the Chevrolet dealerships. The country’s most compact mid-size sedan enhances its safety content by incorporating fog light into the rear bumper base and the Isofix and Top Tether child seat anchor systems. For more information check out chevy s10 extended car cover

Practical and efficient, the Isofix allows the attachment of a compatible seat directly on body-welded couplings, positioned at the base of the rear side seats. The technology also lowers the risk of poor installation of the chair and allows for faster assembly than the conventional process, which uses the vehicle’s seat belt for lashing. The Top Tether works as an additional anchor point on the top, increasing the efficiency of the set. “More modern car seat anchoring systems are gaining prominence among Cobalt consumers, made up predominantly of families looking for a spacious and affordable but full sedan,” said Hermann Mahnke, Chevrolet’s Director of Marketing in South America. Isofix and Top Tether come in to complement the range of Cobalt safety items, among which the most relevant are: low tire pressure warning, dual airbag, ABS brakes with electronic brake distribution (EBD), and the answering service in case of an accident and the OnStar emergency button (SOS). Cobalt’s 2018 line also gets a new metallic color option for the body, the Satin Gray, completing the range of White Summit, Silver Switchblade, Brown Mahogany Brown, Graphite Gray, Blue Eyes Blue and Black Gold Black. The Chevrolet sedan also brings new positioning of the car name and version identification logos to the base of the back cover. From now on, the car’s name is on the left, and the name on the right. This change follows the Chevrolet global standard.

Comfort, space and technology above the average of the segment

Cobalt stands out for the refined design and the excellent use of the internal space. The wheelbase of 2.62 m is similar to that of higher-class cars, while the 563-liter trunk is the largest among sedans for sale in the domestic market. Another competitive differential of the mid-compact of Chevrolet is in the ECO engine of up to 111 hp of power and 17.7 mkgf of torque. In addition to performing accelerations and resumption vigorously, this is the most economical 1.8 Flex propeller in the country, according to Inmetro data, surpassing even rivals equipped with smaller engines. With gasoline, the MT6 configuration runs, on average, 15.1 km / l on the road and 12.1 km / l in the city. With ethanol in the tank, the figures are 10.4 km / l and 8.3 km / l respectively, guaranteeing a double note A on energy efficiency by the Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program. The acceleration of 0-100 km / h is made in up to 10.5 seconds, while the top speed is 170 km / h. This contributes to the six-speed manual transmission. For those looking for more practicality, there is also automatic transmission option (AT6) for smooth and linear operation. The Cobalt is also characterized by above-average comfort and sophistication in its category with a wide range of equipment. It offers the items most valued by the segment consumer, such as progressive electric direction; air conditioning; electrical assembly of the latches, external mirrors and mirrors; key type pocket knife with remote control opening including the lid of the trunk; panel with digital speedometer and low tire pressure warning and gear shift; ABS brakes with EBD (electronic brake distribution) and dual airbag.

Parking sensor with graphics; auxiliary headlamps; board computer; steering wheel with radio, phone and cruise control functions; premium seat and steering wheel trim; driver’s seat and steering wheel with height adjustment; plus 15-inch aluminum wheels are also present in the luxury LTZ version. The Elite version (top-of-the-line) also features a rear-view camera, rain sensor, automatic headlamp ignition system, 16-inch wheels with exclusive design and split rear seatrest, among others. In terms of connectivity, Cobalt is also the most complete in the segment. Offers the MyLink multimedia center compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and the OnStar advanced telematics system with several services, including car recovery in case of theft, concierge, automatic response in case of an accident, navigation by arrows and application for smartphone with remote diagnostic device. An absolute leader in sedan sales in Brazil, Chevrolet positions Cobalt between the compact Prisma and mid-Cruze Turbo. Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is one of the largest vehicle brands in the world, with business in more than 115 countries and annual sales of more than 4.0 million vehicles. Chevrolet offers customers efficient, performance-oriented vehicles, distinctive, high-quality design. More information about Chevrolet car coverscan be found at …………..

In 2017, operations in Argentina and Brazil were integrated into GM Mercosul. In 2016, Chevrolet sold 445,616 thousand vehicles in the two markets, 345,916 thousand in Brazil and 99,700 thousand in Argentina. GM Mercosul has four Industrial Complexes that produce vehicles, engines and components in São Caetano do Sul, São José dos Campos and Gravataí, Brazil and Rosario, Argentina.
Comfort, versatility and a sophisticated look. With the new Spin you and your family can enjoy it all in one car. The new Spin has been completely redesigned and, in addition to unprecedented configurations, it also has innovative technologies to be your best choice.

Style and space combined for your family

The new Spin was thought to also draw attention to design. And he did it. This Chevrolet features position light on LEDs, redesigned headlights and bumpers (front and rear) and horizontal lanterns that invade the trunk lid.

Your day to day demands more versatility

Driving with comfort makes all the difference, right? That’s why the new Spin offers up to 7 comfortable seats for you and your entire family with premium seats. The 710-liter trunk (in the 5-seat version), cruise control, and the radio and telephone controls on the steering wheel complete the differential of this Chevrolet. Beyond space, the strength of this model also impresses. The new Chevrolet Spin comes with 1.8L SPE / 4 ECO Flex 4 cylinder engine with 111 horsepower. For your comfort, this vehicle offers progressive electric steering, gearshift indicator and you can still choose between automatic or manual 6-speed gearbox. Get ready to always have the latest technology on board. In addition to Bluetooth ® and radio controls and telephone integrated into the steering wheel, the new Spin is equipped with parking sensors, reversing camera and a media center with Chevrolet MyLink LCD screen 7 “touch.

Chevrolet MyLink

You always connected. With Chevrolet MyLink, which has full integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay *, you’ll be able to chat through messages, choose routes, and even access your favorite playlists using only your voice. All this in a 7-inch high-precision touchscreen display.

Why Chevrolet?

Go beyond comfort, safety and technology to offer unprecedented possibilities. That is our purpose. And even after 100 years of history, we remain motivated to create innovative solutions that will be at your side, helping you to always find a new path.

Chevrolet Prisma Review

The Prisma came in 2006 as a popular sedan derived from Celta, using the same platform and features very similar to the compact.It was released gradually by Chevrolet, which used the same marketing strategy as the launch of the Vectra, releasing the vehicle’s name first, followed by some conceptual drawings and sketches, after the final strokes, motor, and finally the photos of disclosure.With this, the American manufacturer managed to arouse the curiosity of the national market, which had few options of popular sedans, around the Prisma.The first generation was manufactured between 2006 and 2009 and had an 1.4l EconoFlex engine that developed 89 hp with gasoline and 97 hp with alcohol.Although the engine model itself has not been changed, in 2009 technology upgrades and the EconoFlex compression ratio allowed the Prisma to gain more power when fueled with gasoline, reaching up to 95 hp with that fuel, but without changing the performance with ethanol in the tank.The second generation, launched in 2010, increased the size of the Prisma, making it more stable and improving drivability.The change came from Chevrolet’s Global Small Vehicle Platform (GSV), shared with Onix, Cobalt, Sonic, and Spin.In addition to the size and design changes that made the sedan look more beautiful and bold, new engines and the inclusion of the option for automatic transmission put the Prisma in a higher comfort level.In addition, the new structure also offered more security to the vehicle, which received a larger number of options, according to the possibilities and wishes of the buyer.

The second generation of the Prisma is 4.2 m long, with a 2.5 m wheelbase and measures 2 m wide (including external rear view mirrors) by 1.5 m in height. Up to 500 liters of luggage can fit in the trunk and the fuel tank holds 54 liters of ethanol or gasoline. Among the possibilities of motorization is the 1.0l SPE / 4 – which delivers up to 80 hp in ethanol and 78 hp with gasoline – and 1.4l SPE / 4 – with a power of 106 hp fueled by alcohol and 98 hp with gasoline. The acronym refers to the changes in the four cylinders of the engine, which now have a sequential injection with independent ignition and individual coils. Both engines are transverse and located in front of the vehicle and feature multi-point MPFI electronic injection. The transmission is manual with 5 speeds as standard or, as an option, you can install a 6-speed automatic transmission CVT. The automatic transmission available on the Prisma is the GF6, more modern than found in models like Cobalt, Spin and Cruze. In terms of safety, the Prisma has ABS brakes, engine immobilizer, Anti-theft alarm, and dual airbag as standard in all versions. Regarding comfort, the height adjustment of the driver’s seat, head restraints on the front seats, parking sensor and key knife type are the main highlights, although each version has more equipment.

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